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Welcome to the Unbe-Leaf-Able September to Remember Giveaway Hop, hosted by The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island. Thanks for another great hop, ladies! Hosts and other bloggers aren't responsible for obligations of sponsors who don't fulfill their prizes.

When thinking of a leafy theme for this post, I wondered...do digital leaves count? As in, pages of an e-book? You see, my mind's a bit of a one-track these days with the cover just revealed for my upcoming releaseWant a peek? 


Coming October 19, 2016

Virtual. That’s where she was supposed to stay—only in my online gaming life. I never intended to meet up with her in person. And I certainly hadn’t counted on her being who she is.
Cliff Walsh has dozens of hot, smart, and willing paramours in his video games. Who needs to look further? The twenty-eight year old attorney is done getting his heart smashed by real-life women who fit his perfect-mate checklist. From now on, he vows to keep his romances digital-only…until a certain redheaded gamer twists all his preconceptions and touches a place in his heart he didn’t know existed.
I always thought I knew what love would look like, but sometimes you don’t recognize it until the moment when it holds you. ~Cliff
This is a stand-alone novel in The It Series family.

To celebrate the reveal, I'm offering a limited-time special to everyone who stops by during the hop:


This deal ends when the #SeptembertoRemember hop does.

Three dates. It was only supposed to be three dates—he was only meant to be a fling. I didn’t want to feel all of this for him. And I certainly hadn’t counted on him keeping such a deal-breaking secret from me.
Till death is too long for Trish Cerise. The twenty-seven year old receptionist is tired of men asking for her forever when she just wants to keep things light and fun. World-traveling businessman Adam Helms steps off the elevator and into her life with his own reasons for keeping relationships at a safe distance. Together, they’re destined for the most glorious short-term romance in history…until they break their own rules and Trish learns something about Adam she wishes she never knew.
I know a future with him is impossible, but how do you break away from such an intense, consuming, heart-crushing love when it hooks you? ~Trish
This is a stand-alone novel in The It Series family.

And now onto my Unbe-leaf-able prize for the September to Remember Giveaway Hop. I'm giving away something warm & comforting as autumn descends upon us...

$5 Starbucks Gift Card

I will send one winner a $5 Starbucks e-gift card via e-mail. 

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Arlee Bird said…
A stand-alone novel in a series is the way I think it should be. I'm not thrilled if I'm left hanging (especially if I have to waiting until the next book comes out) and I'd hate to start reading a book to find that I have to go back and read others first. Good for you.

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out
Anonymous said…
Can't be added to your email list.. "Recipient "" has too many recent signup requests"
Nicki Elson said…
I'm so sorry you had trouble! I think I fixed it.
Nicki Elson said…
That's how I like to read a series, too. :)

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