Knowing Better - guest post with @AriaGlazki

Congrats to author Aria Glazki! Yesterday was the re-release of her debut novel, MENDING HEARTSTRINGS! Here she is to give us a little more insight into the book (you'll be positively shocked by the question I asked her ... or maybe not.)

Take it away, Aria...

When we were discussing my visit here on her site, the lovely Nicki Elson asked me to name one song that captures the essence of Mending Heartstrings. While I can't quite do that, because a book usually runs through far more emotions than one song does—especially a book with a musician!—there is one song that absolutely always brings to mind the first chapter and how these two first meet.

Sabella and Kane meet when she's on a research trip to Nashville. They literally bump into each other at a bar, and at first the brief introduction that follows seems like that will be that. But Kane's charm and a few drinks and the beauty of the city at night keep drawing out the time they spend together until they eventually, and reluctantly, say goodbye.

This song by the Civil Wars perfectly nails on the head the mantra going through Sabella's head as this is all happening. She is a firmly pragmatic character who tries to follow her head more than her heart, and yet spending this time with Kane is so tempting she wants to ignore all of that hard-learned practicality. By the end of their night together, Kane asks her an important question, but this mantra determines Sabella's answer despite her underlying desires.

"If I didn't know better... Dammit, I do."

Kane, of course, encourages Sabella to ignore all those practical issues, if only for one night. And if she hadn't know "better," everything could have worked out differently. But Sabella couldn't ignore her pragmatic side for any longer than her and Kane's few hours together, and so, for better or worse, they go their separate ways.

What do you think of this song? Have you ever wondered what could have happened if, for just one moment, you hadn't known "better"?

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Crystal Collier said…
It's a very evocative song. There's only been one or two times in my life I didn't want to know better. Ignorance is bliss, eh?
Aria Glazki said…
Oh, in so many situations does ignorance seem more appealing ;) Glad you liked the song, Crystal. It's definitely one that sticks with you—or at least, me.

And thank you, Nicki, for the question and for having me!
Leandra Wallace said…
I love their music! And pretty cover too. =)
Aria Glazki said…
Thanks, Leandra! Any other songs of theirs you'd recommend? :)

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