Insecure Writers Support Group: Growing Up

Y'know what? I don't really feel like talking about writing today. I'm nothing if not ADD, and at least one of those D's has taken my mind temporarily in other directions. Would you like to see my current creative obsession? As of my son's 18th birthday this coming fall, my house will have ALL adults living in it. So I adultified the kids' bathroom.

But I reject the idea that being adult means having no fun, so the under-the-sea theme stays.

The guest room is getting a grown-up fairy tale theme. I blame the froggie prince.

Creative minds can't stay locked on words and manuscripts all the time, right? Sometimes they need to break free and express themselves in paint and accessorizing ... and maybe even crafting window treatments out of ribbons instead of curtains.

Where do your creative energies flow when you're not writing? 

This post is part of the monthly blog hop/therapy session known as Insecure Writers Support Group, founded by the one and clonely Alex J. Cavanaugh.


Sarah Foster said…
I love the froggie prince and the ribbons!
I feel like I used to be so much more creative. Maybe if I had an actual house and not a tiny apartment I could actually think about decorating.
Jennifer Lane said…
I like the colors! I agree we need a break from writing now and then. I get to come up with creative interventions in my day job and that's way fun!
Love the ribbons as curtains idea! Might need to try that myself. :)
I love your guest room theme!!! Very, very cool and totally something I'd do. I'm sure it'll be strange having all adults in the house. We've had two kiddos pass to adulthood in our household. Two to go, so I have a little while longer...
Mostly I've been cleaning out stuff and rearranging rooms. One more child is moving out in a few months. So we're slowly getting ready to down size.
Susan Says
Chrys Fey said…
I love the ribbon idea and the frog prince picture is cute!
Crystal Collier said…
I LOVE those ribbons. What a fabulous idea! When I need a recharge, I turn to music. Writing it, singing it, playing it. All three.
Laurel Garver said…
Your guest room theme is so cool! What a magical place to visit.

I agree we can't be all writing all the time or we frankly run out of material. All kinds of creativity in, all kinds of creativity out.
James Pailly said…
I'm with you. Some days, my mind just isn't up for writing. A little redecorating sounds like fun, especially if the end result is a more comfortable environment for future writing exploits.
Julie Flanders said…
The rooms all look wonderful! I wish I could hire you. I am hopeless at decorating LOL.
Nice and simple! Should have you come de-clutter our house.
Rumer Haven said…
Oooooh! Guess who's inviting herself over for a sleepover this summah!
Liz Blocker said…
I love the adult fairy tale!! I want a room like that. This as so fun - so refreshing and different. it's nice to NOT think about writing sometimes :)
I love the ribbons! Very pretty!

I like decorating or shopping for the just perfect piece when I have a creative non-writing urge.
Cherie Colyer said…
Aren't you the crafty one! I'm lovin' the grown-up fairy tale theme.
dolorah said…
I like the new looks; but don't adultify too much. Please keep the frog prince; send him to me if you must be rid of him. Even us cynics need a familiar fantasy.
Loni Townsend said…
I draw or sew or wire work or paint or create digital images when I'm not writing. I've been working on painting my bedroom with a steampunk (oh yes, so adult) theme, but it seems I'm too easily distracted. *sigh*
My creativity gets expressed in gardening and cooking. And shopping lol.
I like to cook and bake, and redecorate rooms. And of course blogging is a creative outlet as well, also there for when I want to connect with other writers which I always find inspires me.
I love the ribbons!
Other creative activities include singing and playing the piano. I also teach piano and voice.
You have real skills for interior design Nick and you don't need to grow up completely to have a wonderful style.
Carrie-Anne said…
I love the seashore theme in the bathroom! I most want to someday have my own little farm on several acres of land, but second-best would be having a home right on the seashore. The best of both worlds would be a farm near the beach.

I'm a non-professional artist, working with colored pencils, pastels, and watercolor pencils. For many years, I was a marker-based artist, and I may try my hand at that medium again. I also love fabric arts, and have been cross-stitching and embroidering for about 25 years now. There's an incredible story behind my old scissors, which I saved from overzealous El Al customs and managed to get onto the plane with extra luggage. I'm never risking taking those scissors on a plane again!

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