Release Day Blog Crawl

Today I'm popping the bubbly at:
Cover Girls (a bit of insight into Divine Temptation's Cover + Giveaway)
Angela Felsted (her thoughts as she reads the blurb)
Bouquet of Books (Book Trailer + Giveaway)
Entertaining Interests (Book Trailer + Giveaway)
Omnific Publishing (Interview)
Jen Lane Books (Blurb & Three Daves review)
Talk Supe (, not sure if it's today or later in the week)
M.Pax (Friday shoutout)

I'm also celebrating at Twitter with 24 hours of #angel quotes. Feel free to pop over & add your own  or simply reTweet your faves. 

Divine Temptation is now available in Paperback, Kindle and Nook.


Michael Di Gesu said…
Yay for release day! Congrats Nicki!!!!!
Kittie Howard said…
Congrats, Nicki!!!! What an awesome day!!!
Jackie said…
Congrats, Nicki! So happy for you!
Big congratulations, Nicki!!!
Anne Gallagher said…
Congratulations! I can't wait to have you over to Piedmont Writer so we can discuss this "edgy" inspiration!
Suze said…
WOO HOO!! Huge day, babe! I'm throwin' all kindsa confetti for you, sweets. :)
Luanne G. Smith said…
Yay!! Big congrats, Nicki!
Janie Junebug said…
You go, girl!

DL Hammons said…
I'm so thrilled for you Nicki!!! :)
Jennifer Lane said…
Big time congratulations, Nickita! I hope the book hits the big time. Can't wait to read it.
M Pax said…
Congrats Nicki! I'll give the book a shoutout on Friday. I loved Three Daves. Will definitley have to pick this one up.
nutschell said…
Congratulations!!! Love that you've broken out the bubblies:)
Very, very awesome, Nikki!

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