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Thank you all for your encouraging words before my reading this weekend. It went pretty well, with me not stumbling over too many words (and I now know how to pronounce sang-froid...I think). The art fair itself was set up beautifully as always and that alone made the day worth it.

Not too many people wandered over to the reading tent on Saturday---which reinforces my first rule of public speaking: bring your own posse---but on Sunday I had a nice little smattering of listeners and better yet, got to meet some great people from a local writer's group I've wanted to get more involved with AND one of them even writes for a local paper and wants to do an interview. :) This is why I rarely turn down opportunities presented to me---you just never know what else might come of it.

The Posse

And on Friday I had another nice little treat---I took the Metra train into the big city to meet up with fellow blogger, Michael DiGesu.  Michael is every bit as wonderful in real life as he is on his blog and I can't believe we let 16 months get in between the last time we got together. We met at Lincoln Park Zoo, and here's our posey picture:

But here's what we really do when we're together:

And here's a picture because...just because I think it's a cool shot of Chicago:

I hope your week is off to a great start. And Monday means a new bout at WRiTE Club, a chance to cast your vote for the piece of writing that knocks you out.


Glad the reading went well and you got to visit with Michael!
D.G. Hudson said…
Nice to see pics of writers meeting writers! That is a nice pic of Chicago and of you and Michael.
Suze said…
Aw, babe. What a nice post. I love all the pics and I so wish I could have been part of your posse. I hope the interview with the local paper goes well!
Johanna Garth said…
Congratulations on completing the reading with success and how fun to meet up with Michael!
DL Hammons said…
*Note to self - bring own posse!

Good luck with your interview!! :)
Anne Gallagher said…
I'm glad it went so well for you. Love the posse. And hey, how DO you pronounce sang-froid?
Heather Murphy said…
Glad the speaking went well and you had a good weekend. YEAH!
Janie Junebug said…
I like Chicago, and I even know how to pronounce sangfroid.

Michael Di Gesu said…
IT was SOOOO fun! Love the pics.

Glad the art fair was such a success! How exciting to be interviewed for the local paper. Keep us posted.

I certainly hope to see you again soon.
dolorah said…
Wonderful - all of it.

Tara Tyler said…
how awesome! great shots of chicago =)
Susan Oloier said…
Love the posse! So great you met up with Michael! Looks like it was a wonderful event.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Readings are always tough. I don't enjoy them at all.
I like Lincoln Park Zoo. I haven't been there in a while because the last time I went there some weird guy kept following me. But it's fun to go there and see the animals.
And kudos to you for doing the reading; that takes a lot of courage to get up in front of people like that. I wish I could have gone but I had to work this weekend. :(
Jennifer Lane said…
That's awesome you got to meet Michael! I love the Lincoln Park Zoo, especially since it's free hee hee. The polar bears are so fun.
Unknown said…
It sounds like it was a great learning experience, and overall, you had fun -- and that's the most important part! :-)

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