What do you like with your book?

Whether I'm reading or writing, there there are three things that maximize my enjoyment: coffee, red wine (beverage choice dependent on the time of day), and my jammies.  And so I find it quite delightful  that the three businesses where Three Daves is available for purchases happen to be a coffee shop, a wine store, and a lingerie boutique.      

Limestone Coffee & Tea
15 E. Wilson St., Batavia, IL

Gibby's Wine Den
1772 S. Randall Rd., Geneva, IL

She She
17 S. Third St., Geneva, IL 

So nice to know that my baby is in such very good company. :)


fallen monkey said…
Oh, it's too perfect! I'm looking forward to the July signing at the coffee shop--I can't promise I won't have already drank some wine and be wearing lingerie, though.

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