80s TV Shows: Youthful Yutzes

The Young Ones
1982 - 1984

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Aha, so I guess it was the reruns on MTV that I was glued to during college.  Before that it was only on BBC. I imagine if you weren't just the right age at the time Rick, Vyvyan, Neil and Mike might've passed you right by.  

The Young Ones was a great show, even if it did mark the beginning of the end of strictly videos on so-called Music Television.  But hey, at least it featured a live band on every episode---and the reason for that was there was no money in the BBC budget for a sit-com, and adding live music allowed it to be classified in another category.

It was horrible. I sat in the big hall and put my pocket of Polos on the desk. And my spare pencil and my support gonk. And my chewing gum and my extra pen. And my extra Polos and my lucky gonk. And my pencil sharpener shaped like a cream cracker. And more gonks with a packet of Polos in each. And lead for my retractable pencil. And my retractable pencil. And spare lead for my retractable pencil. And chewing gum and pencils and pens and more gonks, and the guy says "Stop writing, please."

What was the occupation of three of the four cast members (all but the actor who played Mike) before The Young Ones?

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Anne Gallagher said...

Never saw it. I watched MTV at the beginning when there were actually video's and v-jays.

However, I will say, all the actors were waiters before they joined the cast, because most actors are waiters before they get their big break.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Back when MTV actually played videos...

Suze said...

I'm with Anne- waiters is as good a guess as any. Or maybe they were hairdressers.

Gyran Gymble said...

Hah! I know this because I've got the DVD Apart from Mike they were all stand up comics although I don't know what they did for proper jobs.

But I'll join with the crowd and make them waiters because I really want to see Rik as a waiter

Deniz Bevan said...

Oh yay! I love this show! It used to be on past midnight on reruns when I was a kid and I'd stay up late to watch it if I couldn't tape it. Hilarious, irreverent and silly. "What is it now, Ralph?"

Deniz Bevan said...

Hmm, good question, I don't know what their jobs were. Post-music festival rubbish collectors? [g]