80s TV Shows: Sassy Students

Saved by the Bell

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Little did the youthful cast of this high school comedy know that they were destined to become the C-list celebrities of the future.

"I like school... it's a good way to kill time between weekends."

Only four of Saved by the Bell's seven regular characters (pictured here) appeared in each of the TV show's eighty-six episodes. Can you name them?

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Anne Gallagher said...

I have never seen this show, and can't even figure out which of these actors are C-list now. You are just a trivia QUEEN Nicki.

Michael Di Gesu said...

You bet I can. I loved this show...

Screech, Zach, Lisa and Mr. Belding.

Angela said...

This was my FAVORITE show as a kid. :D

Unknown said...

Best. Show. Ever.
I think the four are Zach, Screech, Lisa and AC Slater. Mostly cause I remember there was a different girl towards the end, Tori, and when Tori was there Kelly and Jessie weren't. I also feel like I remember when Mr. Belding left.
This is why I can't have cable. If I had cable I would be watching a Saved by the Bell marathon right now.

Tara Tyler said...

my husband would know that was his fave show!
followed by melrose place and 90210.
happy s day!

Liz P said...

Oh god I loved this show (though the special when they went to Hawaii was kinda cheesy). The college years spinoff wasn't as good either.

For some reason the one episode I always remember is the one when Jessie is taking pills to help her stay awake to study longer, and the gang interferes to stop her budding drug problem.

Then Showgirls came out and I was shocked that "Jessie" was in a naughty movie...

Do you remember "Good Morning Miss Bliss"?

g-girl said...

i just realized this show was airing during my high school years-from the moment i entered until i graduated. i think i only lasted a year or two watching it though.