A Day Late & a Million $$ Short: Episode 9 #Survivor

NOW we're playing Survivor! I have to say they gave the show an excellent edit this week. I was GOLing (gasping out loud) during the reading of the votes.

I cannot believe Missy flipped so easily. I'm not sure what her strategy was with that. Jeremy was an obvious threat to take the million, so I can see why she'd want him gone at some point, but there are still too many players left in the game to give up a solid ally like that. And for who? Jon & Jaclyn? They've already flipped...how many times now? Why would she trust them to stick with her? I like to think that if I'd been in Missy's place, I'd have gone to Jeremy with the news of Jon's idol so we could make a plan to flush it out.

I hope future contestants were taking notes this week. Never ever give away your reward thinking it will cement you in someone's favor. Here's why:

#1 It's blatant suck uppage. Nobody likes a blatant suck up

#2 Because of #1 it shows your tribemates that you're playing hard (if stupid) and might make them see you as a threat. (Perhaps this is one reason why Missy was willing to backstab Jeremy & Natalie??)

#3 You'll miss out on some good food ... and for no good reason becaaause:

#4 This is Survivor! It's not patty-freaking-cake!! Being nice to someone in no way guarantees that person's loyalty and only risks alienating other players (see #1 & #2).

Last night's giving up of the reward made even less sense because why would Natalie and Jeremy reward Jon & Jac for almost flipping on them? Why not give the reward to Missy for having been loyal from day one? Hmm...perhaps that's yet another reason why she was so quick to write down Jeremy's name.

I'm done trying to pretend I have any idea what's going to happen next, but what should happen is for everyone to turn on Jon & Jac. They can't be trusted, are too much of a physical threat, and are an unbreakable two-vote powerhouse. They only have one idol, so unless one of them wins immunity, I say the other 7 should split the vote between those two.

In other news, I've downgraded Keith from a misogynist to just a regular sexist. I love, love, love that he held onto the idol at tribal. He definitely showed this week that he's got game. He's in a bad place numbers-wise but he's not giving up. I thought it was brilliant of him to consider drawing the vote toward himself so he could surprise them with the idol and maybe gain control of the vote. Then Reed ruined that plan, so Keith, Wes & Alec did the next best thing---they figured the other alliance would split the vote between Reed & Keith (which is what they would've done if Plan Jeremy hadn't come about), so KWA threw their votes at Reed, eliminating the necessity to use the diol.

Jon & Jac and Missy & Baylor may be unbreakable alliances of two, but KWA are an unbreakable alliance of three, and Keith's clearly the only one among them with a brain, so...wait, no, I'm done making predicitons. ...but if I were to make a prediction it would simply be to not count Keith out as a contendor (like I was so ready to do last week).

Yep. This is definitely getting fun. :)  Nicki has spoken. 

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Suze said...

Babe, I'm totes out of the loop with Survivor but I love that I can always 'hear' you when you write. :) :)