A Day Late & A Million $$ Short: Episode 7 #Survivor

Well, the woman who it seems only wants to be known as "John Rocker's girlfriend" fulfilled every pre-judment anyone at the island may have made about her. And she ruined any chance of seeing if any of my predictions would've actually gone down.

Let's take a look and see how I did:
The Natalie, Baylor, Missy alliance came right together with Jon and Jaclyn joining them---at first. But it looks like the happy couple from MI enjoys playing the swing vote and is already eager to jump ship. What I hadn't expected was for Jeremy to be so tight with Missy and Jon right away.

Keith did, in fact, feel betrayed and jumped right to Wes & Alec.

As suspected, Baylor didn't stay loyal to her bond with Josh, and he & Reed jumped over to the KWA alliance. Jeremy and John Rocker's girlfriend would've voted together if she hadn't wussed. Jeremy was indeed gunning for Josh & Reed, but that was a really nice twist when Josh actually seemed to be wooing John & Jaclyn over. If Reed can survive the next vote, I really like his chances of going to the end.

Looking forward to next week when things seem to shake up once again. The merge has finally kicked this game into gear. Nicki has spoken. 


Gina Gao said...

This sounds so fun! I'm looking forward to more.


M Pax said...

I suspected John Rocker's girlfriend was only there at his request. I was actually surprised she stayed in that long after he was voted off.

Rumer Haven said...

And so John Rocker's girlfriend shall go down in Survivor history as, well, John Rocker's girlfriend--and trail mix thief. What can she say, she loves big nuts...


My goodness, her personality was as plastic as her lips and boobs. She won't be missed. But while the show is finally getting interesting now, I think I've pinpointed what has been bugging me about the whole blood-v-water thing: the couples themselves aren't that dynamic--i.e., whether the individuals are in a familial or romantic relationship, they have similar traits as each other. A shared couple culture, if you will. So in being so alike, they divide the number of distinct personalities by half. That's my theory. The fewer couples that remain intact, the more I will enjoy this.