A Day Late & a Million $$ Short: Episode 8 #Survivor

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Well, Josh bit the dust. He had such a good game going before the merge, though it looks like his vote for Baylor in episode one may have played a role in his doom. She cited that vote as something that held her back from trusting him. So if he'd written a different name down at the very firt tribal (and really, why didn't he??), could he have built up that trust with her enough that she would've done more to work with him post merge? Maybe if they had a more solid relationship he wouldn't have resorted to playing that impotent you-owe-me card.

My soft spot for Keith is gone. He, Wes, and Alec are such dumbasses. Have they never watched a season of Survivor? Do they not have a freakin' clue that the social game matters? And that women's votes count? I'm happy happy with the way the vote went down because three weeks from now, I'd much rather watch Jeremy, Missy & Natalie strategize than KWA scratching their butts and belching in all their misogynistic glory (I 'm not one to throw that word around, but there's no other way to describe those Neanderthals. Oh wait, I guess Neanderthals works well too).

See the image this week? For the first time this season I was revved up enough about the show to listen to the Know-it-alls podcast at Rob Has a Website. That's Rob as in Rob Cesternino from Suvivor Amazon. He & Stephen Fishbach from Survivor Tocantins (a season that seems to have been deleted from my memory banks) get down & nerdy and dissect the latest episode each week. I highly recommend it.

Looks like Reed stirs things up next week. I'm excited to see how all of that goes down. My prediction & hope is that the misogynistic Neanderthals go out 1-2-3 and that we get to watch shifting go on within the alliance of 6. I'm thinking someone in that group will pull Reed in for swing votage.

Nicki has spoken. 


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