A Day Late & a Million $$ Short: Episode 10 #Survivor

Soooo...can we all forget that thing I said last week about Keith having game? He wasn't strategizing when he voted for Reed last week; he was just following orders. *sigh* I don't know why I so badly wanted him to turn out to be some kind of latent genius. But his comment at his week's tribal - you know the one - proved beyond a doubt that while he may have a good, practical mind, he ain't got no game.

It's pretty rare that we get to see the precise moment, the exact words that sway an outcome, but Keith sure did provide us with that. It wasn't Jon he swayed, though - it looked like Johnny boy didn't plan to use that idol until after Natalie told him to. Do you think she actually thought the vote was going to go toward him or do you think she was just using his shaken confidence to get the idol out of his hands?

Ever since the merge, there have been a lot of small, strange, un-Survivor-ike moments that have impacted whose torch has gotten snuffed:

1st: Josh looked poised to get Jeremy out, but John Rocker's girlfriend quit and the vote was delayed, changing everything because...

2nd: Keith, Wes & Alec were rude to Jaclyn, costing them her and Jon's vote.

3rd: Natalie & Jeremy gave up their reward, leading to jeremy going to exile and getting suspicious of Jon, who then got paranoid and led the vote against Jeremy.

4th: Keith made that dumbass comment at tribal.

What kind of weirdness are we in for next week?

I've loved seeing Reed step out of Josh's shadow and become a master strategist. Things didn't go his way this week, but he's really not any worse off for trying - he'd be at the top of their hit list regardless. Natalie is playing a quiet but very strong game. I'm so hoping she brings down her revenge on Jon soon. Honorable mention goes to Alec for steadying Jon's confidence before tribal. Too bad Keith screwed it all up, But how sweet was that moment between Keith and Wes when Keith tried to hand his son the idol and Wes told him to keep it? I awww'd.

Nicki has spoken.


Rumer Haven said...

I'm pretty sure I still have a red mark on my forehead from the face-palm to follow Keith's comment at tribal...ooooh my GOD! I had to rewind and watch it again just to verify it really happened.

I haven't seen many full seasons of Survivor, yet even I can tell that this is a weird one, for all the reasons you mentioned and the early-on reward-challenge bargaining that was going on with Jeff. Such a strange bunch, but by golly, they've gotten interesting and unexpected. So for a season I was "eh" about for a long while, now I'm riveted. And at this point, Team Reed, now that Josh and Jeremy are gone. I love an underdog, and, as Debbie Gibson once sang, I get lost in his eyes. And his splits.

M Pax said...

It's been a great season so far. Very unpredictable. Which makes it fun. I'm really looking forward to this week.