A Day Late & a Million $$ Short: Episode 6 #Survivor

Here are this week's ramblings on Survivor: San Juan Del Sur - Blood Versus Water.

It was a valiant effort by Dale with the fake idol. At first I didn't understand why he said the whole thing about giving it to Jon if he was safe after the vote, but now I realize that if he'd simply threatened to use it, they would've done exactly what they did do and split the vote. This way there was at least the chance Jon might go for his deal.

I think it was foolish of Jon & Jaclyn to stick with Missy & Baylor. Didn't they see Natalie so blatantly show her hand when she volunteered to join Baylor at Exile? Clearly Natalie, Baylor, and Missy will unite once the merge happens, putting J&J at the bottom of that alliance. Dale might've been weaselly, but he had no allies left in the game so he's not a threat. Then again, that also means he wouldn't be able to bring any voters over to their little group once they joined the other side, so maybe they did make the right move.

Speaking of the merge - looks like things might finally get interesting next week. Here's what I see happening: Natalie, Baylor & Missy will unite. Jon was on the bottom of his tribe when he was saved by the mix-up and Jaclyn was at the bottom of hers, so neither of them have strong ties anywhere else and will likely stick w/ N,B & M, making an alliance of 5.

After last night's vote, Keith knows for sure that he's the expendable member of that "alliance" so he'll jump right over to Wes, who seems pretty tight with Alec, making an alliance of 3.

That leaves us with two other alliances of two each: Reed & Josh, and Jeremy & Julie. I'm not sure the latter couple is committed enough to go to the end together, but for now they're looking out for each other, and I think their votes will go the same way at the next tribal. I'm not sure which of the other two groups these couples will gravitate to. Josh and Baylor kind of sort of had a bond, but I don't know that it will survive the separation, especially when Baylor has other options.

My prediction is that the vote will be a gang up on one person or pair of people---and I'm thinking Josh & Reed are the power couple that Jeremy will get everyone gunning for. We'll see if any of my predictions pan out.

In another new development, I finally have someone I'm rooting for---Keith. During the tribal I realized that I'd be sad if he was gone. And I just love that he's managed to hang onto the idol this long and hasn't breathed a word of it to anyone. I wonder if he'll tell Wes. I hope he doesn't.


Maurice Mitchell said...

Thanks for catching me up since the drama never stops Nicki.

Rumer Haven said...

Even if I weren't watching the show, I'd be able to tell it's finally starting to get interesting, because your analysis is shifting into high gear now. Very exciting. Let's do this thing.

I totally forgot that Keith has an idol. And I like him, too, for some reason. He's very chill, very under the radar.

I haven't seen last night's yet, so I'm curious if any of your predictions come to pass already.