A Day Late & a Million $$ Short: Episode 3 #Survivor

Welcome to the third installment of my ramblings on Season 29 of Survivor: Blood vs. Water; San Juan Del Sur. Rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? This week I was joined by my sister for the viewing---hooray! As a result I got a lot of my spewing out that night, so this will just be a quickie post.

#1 I was right! It was Josh who threw the tying vote at Val.

#2 I know I've been dissing the emotion on this show, but I thought it was a really sweet moment between Wes & Keith after the reward challenge---because it was natural and not at all instigated by Probst.

#3 Rocker is such a dope. Why was he at all concerned about earning the favor of one person on the other tribe (Jeremy) while meanwhile irking the people who had the power to vote him out by flat out admitting he'd been trying to manipulate them for his own secretive purpose?

#4 Dale is out as my favorite and Josh is in. If I was on the island, I'd be wary of Josh's aggressive play, but everyone who's actually there seems to be under his spell. Even though his tribe is down in numbers, I believe he'll be able to work that same magic on the other tribe. I like Baylor's pluck and would love to have her as a favorite, but she made a big mistake by poking at the guys' egos when she was trying to win their votes, so I'm not sure she has the finesse to rise to the top.

#5  Those challenges were really weird, right? But I appreciate the absence of puzzles for once.

The vote: for the third week in a row, I'm happy with how it went down (other than wishing the other tribe was the one at council). And with an idol right in his pocket too. Rocker's lack of viable strategy was just too irritating to watch, and I didn't look forward to the future predictable bigot battles that were sure to come. I thought he was surprisingly gracious in his exit speech, so big points to him for that.

Nicki has spoken. Now I leave you with two important questions to ponder---how long will Baylor's awesome orange nail polish last & how hasn't it chipped already?

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Maurice Mitchell said...

I haven't watched Survivor in years, but it still has an emotional punch. I think the nail polish will last as long as they don't do any actual work. LOL