A Day Late & a Million $$ Short: Episode 2 #Survivor

I call this one:
We're Gonna Need a Bigger Buff
I'm back again for my new Friday feature, in which I share my thoughts and feelings about the latest episode of Survivor. (As I said last week, no need for my regular visitors to feel bad about taking a pass on these posts if  you don't watch the show.)

The thing I'll stop harping on...after this: Probst continues to push my buttons by trying to manipulate the castaways' emotions. He acts like he cares, but really, he's just being cruel by intentionally drawing out their tears. He's clearly been given a Barbara Walters directive for the season, but happily, the players aren't dwelling on their feelings as much as the producers would like. So I guess I won't either.

The thing I shouted at my TV: "She's half his height!" I can't stand it when they don't adjust the individual challenges for varying height or foot size, and this reward challenge had a clear advantage for the vertically challenged. All Rocker's girlfriend had to do to get under the limbo sticks was swish her ponytail to one side while he had to practically bend in half while balancing that ball. It would've been easy enough and totally fair to put the sticks at, say, 3/4 of each of their heights, no?

My emerging lovable favorite: Wes. He stole my heart when he started rooting for Reed in the head-to-head challenge & had to be told Josh was the one in his tribe. Names, schmames, eh? He just may bumble his way to the end because he's so non-threatening...assuming his tribe doesn't conitnue to lose every single challenge.

My emerging strategic favorite: Eh, jury's still out. Probably need to see a vote go down in Hunapuh before I can decide. Hold the phone---assuming Coyopa can start winning any time soon, I do like Dale. He's already shown that he has influence in the tribe, nobody will think of him as a physical threat because of his age, he's got a level head, and he's a big reality TV fan so he's likely got strategic game. I reserve my right to completely reverse this opinion at any point in the future.

The vote: I was cracking up that Val's foolish lie about having not one but TWO idols ended up doing her in. Chances are she wasn't long for this game, anyhow, but claiming to have two idols so early on was a stretch. What actually made me laugh harder was that anyone believed her. Even after she didn't produce an idol after the first vote, Rocker was all "I told you to use it" intead of seeming to have a clue that she'd been lying.

But the more interesting thing is...who threw that extra vote at Val? The alliance was supposed to go 3 Val, 3 Baylor, and then Val &  Jaclyn would throw their votes at Baylor, making it 3 Val, 5 Baylor. Instead we got a tie. And we didn't get to see how the first round of votes went during the credits because they only showed the votes from the second vote. My guess is it was Josh. He was suspicious after Val & Rocker went walking off alone---and they didn't even try to hide it, duh---and he showed the first week that he's not afraid to stray from the pack. I really can't imagine it being anyone but him.

Nicki has spoken. Now it's your turn. Who do you think cast the renegade vote during the first round? Do you have an emerging favorite yet? Where, oh where is that flint?


Rumer Haven said...

As I've said before, your attention to detail on this show is staggering. You are the tribal master! My pea brain just doesn't keep up with the strategy.

What I DID notice, however, is in keeping with your image on this post--any challenge now, those tatas are going to say "ta-ta" to their buffs. Wear a bra or bikini under there, ladies!

What I did NOT notice was that extra vote. Huh. I'm inclined to agree with you. But that vote confused me in general, so can you please explain to me why the men chose to split their votes like that versus outright voting for one or the other? Did they not really want to vote Val out but just flush out her immunity idol? And then did they all vote for her because she didn't? At any rate, I also couldn't believe that they so readily bought her lie. My God, people, even I know to anticipate a crapload of bluffing in this game.

Brilliant analysis, Nicki!

Nicki Elson said...

Ta-ta to their buffs - ha! I would think all that bouncing would be so distracting during the challenge...for everyone.

Yep, they wanted to flush out Val's idol (that she didn't have). But they did also want to get rid of her. They split votes to play it safe -- if Val did produce the two idols she claimed to have, she'd have used them to protect her & Jaclyn, so they threw 3 votes at Baylor so that she'd be hte one going home in that case. If they'd put all their votes toward Val & Jaclyn and the idols came out, then whoever Val & Jaclyn both voted for would've gone home. That's why, if Val did actually have the idols, she'd never ever have told anyone because that way she could've controlled who went home.