A Day Late & a Million $$ Short: Episode 5 #Survivor

*gasp!* I nearly forgot to post today. Part of the problem is that I just haven't glommed on to any of the Survivors as favorites. I like pretty much everyone, but I don't seem to really care one way or another who goes home. I felt especially that way during the tribal council last night. And that makes this season rather blah for me.

I see two major problems: #1 Boring one-on-one camera time. There's no one like Cochran or Sandra with delightful commentary on their fellow castaways. Raw honesty combined with humor is what makes me love a Survivor. #2 There's no villain. It's hard to throw my support behind anyone when there's no one to be against. God help me---I miss #ChaosCass.

The only thing I have to say about this episode in particular is that I don't support the random tribe mix-ups. I long for a Survivor played old-school with the same rules as Borneo. Because it's a game, right? Shouldn't the players know the rules before they play the game? The ref doesn't stop a football game part way through and say, "Okay, everyone, drop your helmets. We're going to mix up the teams." It can be argued that players should know by now to expect something like that, but I think the mechnics of the when and how should be laid out ahead of time, otherwise luck plays too big a part in the game.

Nicki has spoken. What say you?

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Rumer Haven said...

I subscribed to this season on Amazon Instant Video, so I'm keeping up overseas! Albeit a day late. I still have to see last night's, actually.

But as for last week's, I'm with you. This is not a standout season because there are no standout survivors. And what the hell is with all the bartering for food/flint/etc.? Jeff should've shut that shit down immediately. I also just don't care for the Blood vs. Water angle. I don't like the dynamic it introduces and would rather see everyone teaming up as strangers from the get-go and without all the switch-ups, as you said. I guess I'll see if last night's episode brings any unexpected treats to change my mind--and will anxiously await your take on it tomorrow. :)