Writus Interruptus

Thank you Dr. Cavanaugh for facilitating these monthly therapy sessions just for writers.  If you're a writer and you're insecure---a redundancy if I've ever heard one---join the club!
Here's my sad, sad story for October:  these last couple of months I've been making great progress on my current WIP.  I estimate I'm two-thirds of the way through the first draft at a current count 57,000+ words.  I know it'll need lots of polish and some reworking when I get to draft two, but I'm pleased with how it's coming along.  I'm in a groove.  And tomorrow . . . I leave on vacation.

More accurately, it's a quest for fun.  That's right, three generations of blood and in-laws---nineteen of us in all---are gathering at the real life Wally World for what certainly won't be relaxing, but most definitely will be fun. :)  The thing is, with my focus interrupted for seven whole days, not to mention readjustment time once we return home, will I lose my mojo?

It took me over a year to recover from the first book being published before I revved up the whatever-it's-called to go at this next manuscript in earnest.  (See?  I'm already losing my ability to summon a fitting noun on command!)  Will this trip of the century---during which there will be no time to scribble anything on a notepad---throw me into another tailspin from which it'll take me far too long to recover?  

Tell me, what do you do to rekindle the magic when your writus has been interrupted?  


Suze said...

Wally World. :)

Rekindle the magic ... hmmm ...

Got me.

Srsly, I'm not in the best place to answer your excellent question, at the mo. But I loved reading your post.

Have a safe, thoroughly enjoyable trip.

Unknown said...

I don't know if you're a goal oriented person but set small goals for yourself. Day one, write one hundred words(they can be crap but just write them). Day two, two hundred words. Day three, three hundred. And so on...until you're back in the groove of writing everyday.


Do time limits. Day one, set the timer for five minutes and you have to write for that long non-stop twice a day. Day two, twenty minutes...You get the idea.


Go for a walk, think about your next scene. Now, imagine I'm interviewing you about that scene --because when I read the book, it's my favorite scene--what made you write the scene? Why did you add it into the book? Sometimes, it gets me excited to write the scene.

Unknown said...

Enjoy the moment of your family gathering. Journal about it if you get some time.

When you return, maybe you can use some of your memories to generate ideas for a story.

Just a thought.

Donna V.

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

OMG that squirrel literally made me laugh out loud. :)

Vacation always throws me. As for getting back into it, though, that's not usually a problem, because I'm ready to claw my hair out with the need to write by the time I get back.

Don't worry! Your groove will be there when you return (vacation isn't nearly as distracting as putting a book out!).

L.C. said...

The chipmunk was epic. :-)

Hmm, what to do when le writus mojous has been interruptedus...usually, I listen to some really emo music. I'm not emo at all, but I tell you what, all those feelings and stuff remind me of my characters and all the shenanigans I had planned before the interruptedus. Or, if you have a playlist for your book, listen to that?

Either way, have a great time on your trip and let us know how your writus fares!

Karen Jones Gowen said...

I can so relate to this. Every time I have to face a ms. I've left for a little or a long time, I have terrible anxiety. I think I won't be able to get into it, that it will be awful, that I won't know how to fix it. Bla bla bla. And they're always unreasonable fears, just like yours are! I bet you come back to it better than ever. (Just be sure to come back to it hehe)

Anonymous said...

Rekindle the magic. . . boy, that's a tough one. I have a bunch of things I do. Here's a few:

Read books
Critique books for my CPs
Listen to blaring music with my fave song on repeat
Lots of long bike rides so my mind can wander
Mind map crazy book ideas, see where the brainstorm takes me.
Lean on my friends, both writers and non-writers alike.

Love your blog here. Yay! I'm a big 80s fan!!!

Tricia Clasen said...

Breaks in schedule/routine can definitely have an impact. I hope it doesn't throw you too far off center.

I blogged about this today. Write in smaller chunks just to tell myself I'm doing something. And read.

Unknown said...

I think a break can recharge your mind and who knows what exciting additions you may find for your WIP.
Thanks for your sweet words and enjoy your vacation.

Unknown said...

Forgot to add, congrats for your book and hope you see a lot of sales.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm still working on that...

KH LeMoyne said...

I imagine that's a very individual thing - rekindling. I read. My TBR pile is huge and my reading style has changed since I've been writing more - I tend to read slower, less skimming, more attention to work choice and sentence structure. Sound boring but it's not. I also have WIPs in the wings with snippets of scenes - that usually gets me going.
Have a wonderful time on the get together and just hit the last scene you were working on.

Tara Tyler said...

bring a notepad, you are sure to be inspired!

and after all that funfilled family time, i'll bet you will be anxious to get back to your story.

or bring it along to re read what you've done =)

vacays are win win =) have a great time!

Michael Di Gesu said...

After SO much fun with family, you'll get back to novel with fresh eyes. PLUS you have all the experiences from the week.

Perhaps something happened that you can use in you finish... We get influenced by SO many different things and being open to a new WORLD might just give you that excitement to finish with a BANG!

Have a FANTASTIC TIME! I want to hear all about it when you come for your visit into the city.

M Pax said...

The metallic pea family truckster. :) I love that movie.

My mojo was interrupted for formatting and polishing what I just published. And now I'm trying to move the first draft of the next piece to brilliance. So, I made a schedule ... M-F for revision, weekends for the WIPs. Yes, there's more than one. Sometimes I don't know why I get myself into this stuff.

Oh, and we're on vacation soon, too. I make notes of where I left off and print out the last chapter. I scribble notes on it. It's a place to start when I pick it up again. That usually helps.

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

I reread the stuff that I've written before and it gets the ole juices flowing again.

Heather M. Gardner said...

You just might find that you won't be able to stop writing even on vacation. If something comes to you make sure to keep paper and pen handy to jot it down. I bet some family fun time will recharge your batteries and get you focused to get back to your work.
Have fun. Good luck!

JJ said...

It's been happening to me for years. When it does, I go on vacation! Have fun.

Marta Szemik said...

I would use the time to observe the family for characteristics you can use in your writing. See what makes each one twitch. Write it down on a note pad. Let them be your muse for the week, an inspiration for future ideas.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I used to go visit my local Borders. Now I visit my bloggy friends and get revved up reading about their successes.

Sarah Ahiers said...

i think you'll be OK, just because the vacay will be so out of the norm for you that getting back to the writing will be easy because it IS the norm, if that makes sense.
Good luck! And have fun on your trip!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Take a notebook and write when you can!

Jennifer Lane said...

Oh ha ha ha, the dramatic chipmunk was so awesome! I think you're in a good spot with your manuscript. You're probably in the meat of the story and I bet you'll be able to pick it right back up when you return. 19 people on vacation together? Writing in peace and quiet will be LOVE after that!

Deniz Bevan said...

I think time off in Wally world :-) id a great idea! Hope you're having a wonderful time. Sometimes just getting out in the real world kick starts inspiration.