DisneyWorld Day 3: Epcot

Today we plan to hit Epcot.  I do so love the rides in Future World, like Soarin' and Test Track and yes, even Ellen's Universe of Energy, but I've limited myself to three top picks, and these are what win w/ me:

Lunch at the Yakitori House.  I've never been here before, but the location looks serene and it's got teriyaki chicken and sushi rolls, so can't lose.

Dinner in Italy at Via Napoli with the whole gang---all 19 of us!
(This is the day in which my mum is making us all wear matching T-shirts.  I'm still trying to come to terms with that.)

There are no fireworks at the Magic Kingdom on Friday, so Saturday we plan to monorail over from Epcot for the show.  Just to be clear---the monorail is what's made my top three, not the fireworks. I've got a thing for transportation
...and food, apparently.

What's your "thing" when you're traveling? 


Cindy Campbell said...

Wait...are you in Orlando? I'm an hour away!

Michael Di Gesu said...

That must of been SOME dinner. NINETEEN! WOW!

I hope your weather is holding up and you're having an awesome time.