DisneyWorld Day 4: Animal Kingdom/Hollywood Studios

If you haven't seen the prior three posts, here's the deal: I'm at Disney World RIGHT NOW and have pre-scheduled posts each day to chronicle the things I'm most looking forward to.  I suppose when I get home I can compare reality with expectations.  Could be interesting.  Or maybe not. 

At any rate, here are the three things I'm most looking forward to today:

Our travel agent scored us FREE dining (!) so I giddily made this reservation as soon as we got the news.  Today, assuming God's plans sync with mine, after spending the morning at Animal Kingdom, we'll take a bus to the Animal Kingdom Villas for a late lunch at Sanaa, which has floor to ceiling views of this:

After a possible pitstop back at Caribbean Beach, we'll meet up with my brother & his family and some friends (who's vacation coincidentally overlaps with ours) at Hollywood Studios. Kiddos will once again run rampant for a few hours, during which I plan to gently guide the adults (they won't even realize it's happening) to Star Tours.  *Ahem* all-freaking-NEW Star Tours!

We'll end the evening with Fantasmic.  Last time we saw the show, high winds put the dragon out of commission, so I've got fingers crossed we get to see her in action this time.  (Not looking good---as of post time rain, rain, and more rain is predicted.)

Here's what I want to know: 
In your best estimation, how many times have you seen  
A New Hope

(Just a reminder: I didn't bring my laptop, and you know how I feel about iPhones, but I promise to repay your visits in the days following my return.)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Two dozen times I'm sure!

Suze said...

I had this really interesting experience on Star Tours in Disneyland. Ask me about it, sometime. :)

JJ said...

I live here in Florida and I'm still jealous. Enjoy!

Michael Di Gesu said...


They didn't have the Star Tours when I had visited in April. It looks really cool.

Man, seeing all this really pumps me up. I hope I can drop by Disney when I'm there next month.

Tara Tyler said...

cant wait to see new improved star tours
and watch new hope (or any sw movie) when i am flipping channels!
hoping we make it to fantasmic this year, planned it & cancelled it 3x so far...ah!