DisneyWorld Day 2: Magic Kingdom

I just can't start out the Disney parks visits anywhere but The Magic Kingdom.  After amazing my family with my super-crowd-slithering expertise as I shimmy us all right up to the entry rope, here are the three things I'm most looking forward to today:

Getting all vaklempsch at this site as we make our way down Main Street
(hoping, hoping, hoping the sky's that blue---rain is in the forecast)

After lunch, el kiddos have plans to run rampant through the park with their cousins---sans parents.  Ergo, parents have plans to monorail over to the pool bar at the Grand Floridian.  The best part?  Monkey will be joining us!

To be followed by the best ride ever when we reunite with the children.  I can only imagine how fun this is going to be after a couple top shelf Bloody Mary's:

Tell me---what's your drink of choice at a pool bar? 


Unknown said...

DISNEY WORLD!!!!! WOOHOO!!! Next month I'm going to the Wizarding World. We'll make another trip to Disney world, but one theme park at a time :D

Unknown said...

Nice. Looks like a great time.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'd recommend avoiding the Teacups ride after a few drinks...

Jennifer Lane said...

I never know what fun drinks to order! Sometimes I get a boring vodka tonic but I also like a Cosmo or an Amaretto Sour.

Michael Di Gesu said...

MY favorite view of all... Cinderella's Castle. I will never forget how awed I was the first time I walked through Main street and looked up.

I hope your weather holds out. You left the wrong week Chicago is having BREATHTAKING weather this week and is forecasted to be in the low 80's, dry, and SUNNY! Probably the last sun we'll see until next summer.

My poolside drink must have rum and be fruity. Rum Runners are awesome for an INSTANT buzz. For something a bit more calm a strawberry daiquiri will do oh so nicely on a hot day.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

Suze said...

'Getting all vaklempsch'

You are adorable.

I stayed at the Grand Floridian, once. It was ... grand.

Keep enjoying your trip!

Tara Tyler said...

pina colada is the stand by, but they can be filling.

i like picking a drink (on the rocks) from their special list. and they usually come with something that blinks! (once i had to get three so all my boys could have a blinking cube, mom had a great time!)

but i havent been able to drink and ride yet, boys arent old enough to go it alone. hmmm, a whole new disney experience!

M Pax said...

I haven't been there since I was ... 14 I think. I don't think I've ever been to a pool bar. When we went to Nevis I loved sipping the rum punches with fresh grated nutmeg while reading in the hammock, listening to the lizards chirp and the donkeys fight.

Arlee Bird said...

Last and only time I was in Disney world was 1981 I believe it was. We had such a grand time. I'd love to go back. Since I avoid pools as a rule I guess I would also avoid drinking at the pool bars. Besides, swimming under the influence might be hazardous.

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