A Virtual Scavenger Hunt!

During the month of October, Night Owl Reviews is hosting a web hunt.  It's a fun little scavenger hunt through author websites to find hidden Full Moon Web Hunt graphics with spooky "secret words."  Mwahahahah! 

If you find enough of the secret words, you can enter to win an amazing assortment of books, gift cards, and other goodies. I love Halloween, and I dig scavenger hunts of any type, so it took me all of five seconds to say "I'm in!"  Starting October 1, you can download your entry form, pull out your cape, plastic fangs, fake blood and what have you, and let the hunt begin! Mwahahahah!!!...oh, said that already.


Talli Roland said...

Mwah hahaha! What a cool idea - and just in time for Hallowe'en!

Nicki Elson said...

Yes, should be fun. Glad you like it. Mwahahahahah!