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Hehe, Look What a Little Whining Gets You...

So, I'm sure it's purely coincidence that Amazon finally got the new cover up today---the very day I went on a rant to and about them---but would anyone mind terribly if I did that thing where I blow on my knuckles and rub them on my sweatshirt?  Thank you all so very much for your supportive comments and Devo song singing. :)

Anywho, new cover's up on Kindle, but it looks like I get to Grrrr a bit longer about the paperback...


  1. oh! fast forward and oila!

  2. The cover looks stunning, Nicki. It really does.

  3. Amazon has never been known for its speediness.

  4. The cover looks great, the description will make me read it (and not only because I "know" you). So: all's well that ends well - congratulation! Britta

  5. That is a nice pair of pink and black pumps; do all three daves wear them? How come only one pair in the cover picture?

    Regardless - best of luck with your book, that is a major achievement.

  6. Gah, have I been neglected or what??!!

    IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!! And I adore that they included the guys' shoes on the back. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Bravo, sis, for "Kindle"-ing the fire under Amazon's arse.


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