What I Love about "Research" and a Mini Review: Swim Recruit by Jennifer Lane

Review: Swim Recruit by Jennifer Lane
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Abby’s a senior in high school being recruited by Northwestern University’s swim team.  Although there’s most definitely a romantic element in this story, it’s really more about team dynamics, and Jennifer Lane, a psychologist by day and former college swimmer, gives us interesting angles from which to examine a dynamic gone terribly wrong.

Swim Recruit shows that bullying isn’t just a high-school phenomenon.  It can and does happen at any age.  Many times the bullies themselves don’t even realize it’s happening—they’ve been swept up in the flow and don’t consider the consequences of their actions.  I like that the story explores this aspect.

While Swim Recruit deals with weighty issues, Lane weaves humor and lightheartedness throughout---like in the opening airport scene, which had me cracking up as Abby's mother says goodbye to her daughter: “Are you sure you don’t want me to come with you?”  I didn’t know Jennifer knew my mom!   The characters’ fun personalities keep the story moving at an enjoyable pace, and the story ends on a hopeful note. A great read any time of year.  

And now for what I love about research

Quite simply, this:

My latest MC frequents a garden, and I'm blessed to live near suburban gem
Cantigny Park.

My "research" made for a lovely Sunday stroll with my daughter.

And she even got in some driving practice on the way home. *gulp*

Here we are at Monday again, time for the Meet an Author Monday blog hop, which is hosted today by fabulous Irish vixen Carol Oates.

It's a chance to see what's up with authors from around the globe.

Hope on & hop along.


Liz Fichera said...

Gorgeous pics! I want to place my hammock right by that lake! This book is on my TBR. I'm really intrigued by it.

P.S. Nicki: I got your package!! Thank you so much. It arrived safe and sound.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Great photos, Nicki!

Jennifer Lane said...

oh, yay! Thanks for featuring my story on your blog, Nicki. :) Research is indeed fun, especially when it involves male swimmer bodies. That bee photo is jaw-dropping! Great job.

Suze said...

What a lovely, lovely park! Did you shoot that photo of the bee? Impressive!

Anonymous said...

My daughter just got her driver's permit, but we haven't been out yet. I feel your fear...8-)

Awesome pictures! I love photographing places I want to write about. Unfortunately my settings aren't around the corner. Oh well, time for a road trip!

btw - is that bunny mooning me?

M Pax said...

What lovely research, indeed. I took a similar stroll with the husband unit, but we were constantly swatting at skeeters. :)

The story has a wonderful premise. Will have to make a note of it.

Susan Oloier said...

That looks like some lovely research! Wow! Daughter driving (gulp).

Thanks for the book review, too!

Jen said...

I can't wait to see what comes of those pictures, darlin! Beautiful, indeed. Thanks for sharing!

fallen monkey said...

Ahh, I *heart* your "research" - and that little bunny shakin' its thang at the end there. Goes without saying I'm pumped to read your next ms.