Here, Have Some Wine with Your 80s TV Shows Trivia

Last week was my wine tasting/book signing event at Gibby's Wine Den.  The experts at Gibby's paired a wine with each of the Daves, and it was SO much fun!  I'm grateful to everyone who came out ready to laugh, sip, and talk Grapes & Guys.

I did a guest post about the event at the very cool book review blog Chick Lit + Wine, where hosts Syrah and Chardonnay review Chick Lit books and then pair each book with a wine.  If you're wondering what kind of wine goes nicely with a bad boy, Mr. Perfect, etc., please stop over. 

And now it's time to reveal more answers to my 80s TV Shows Trivia! (Scroll over the black bar to see the answer)

Jake and Fatman
Jake and the Fatman was supposed to be canceled after its first season, but it was saved when another 80s TV show ended and CBS wanted to make use of the expensive unexpired lease on that show's studio facilities in Hawaii---what show might that've been, hm?
A:  Magnum P.I.
Who got it right?  Michael Di Gesu

Knight Rider
On KITT's jumps, the shot often switches to another angle---like Michael driving---because more often than not, the stunt car's front end was totaled upon landing.
What is KITT's exact make and model (year too)?
A: 1982 Pontiac Trans Am
Who got it right?  Weeeell, technically, nobody...however, Anne Gallagher gave a tremendously respectable guess with 1982 Chevy Camaro, which shares the same platform (whatever that means  dunno) so I'm going to give her the point.

L.A. Law
What was the name of the law firm they all worked for?
A: McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney and Kuzak
Who got it right? Alex J. Cavanaugh

Magnum P.I.
Throughout the series, we never get to see Magnum's mysterious absentee employer, Robin Masters.  Producers had eventually planned to reveal a very famous actor/director as the mysterious Masters, but the actor died before the end of the series.  Any idea who that might've been?
A: Orson Welles
Who got it right? Michelle Gregory

Night Court
Harry Anderson, who played unconventional judge Harry Stone on Night Court, also played the recurring role of trickster con-man Harry the Hat on which of the other "Must See Thursday" shows?
A: Cheers
Who got it right? Alex J. Cavanaugh; Tara Tyler; Theresa Milstein

Out of this World
The famous actor who did the voice of Evie's alien father (who's never seen) asked for his name to not be in the credits, since he was only doing this as a favor to the producers.  Care to guess who that was?  Hint:  He was also involved in another TV show at the time---Evening Shade.
A: Burt Reynolds  
Who got it right? Nooooobody

Perfect Strangers
Perfect Strangers is set in one of the greatest cities in America, nay the world, with many famous city icons featured in the opening credits.  What city is it?
A: Chicago
Who got it right? Michael Di Gesu; Alex J. Cavanaugh

Quantum Leap
Scott Bakula was recently (type) cast in as another scientific genius with recurring appearances in a contemporary NBC show.  He played Orion, the long-missing father of what lovable nerd/spy?
A: Chuck
Who got it right?  Anne Gallagher

Thanks for playing! If your name is listed above, help yourself to the 80s TV Shows Trivia Winner badge in the post below. I've got one more set of answers to reveal on Monday, and the blogger w/ the most answers right will get a reward for their ultimate 80s awesomeness.  Here are the current front runners with their points so far:
Liz P - 2


Suze said...

I loved 'Night Court!' So many of the characters on that show cracked me up as a young 'un. I wouldn't have gotten a single one of these correct. :)

Suze said...

Just checked out the Chick Lit + Wine site. How fun! Congratulations on such a bubbly tie-in. ;)

Angela Felsted said...

Loved perfect strangers and quantum leap. Wish they still made shows like that today!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I got three this time!

Anne Gallagher said...

Congrats on the fab wine tasting. I wish I could have been there, sounds like a great night.

HEY, who knows her platforms, baby? My brother was a muscle head. And I even got the year.

And I LURVE Scott Bakula almost as much as I love Tom Selleck. Y-u-m.

Arlee Bird said...

I got Orson Welles and Chicago right, but not because I knew about the shows--you just gave good clues.

Tossing It Out

Michael Di Gesu said...

I am so sorry I missed that wine tasting.... i really wanted to be there for it.

I can't believe I am in the lead... lol. Will I keep it? Only you know Ms. Nicki...

I had planned to leave for home tomorrow, but something came up with my aunt and I can't leave until Sunday. I hope I get home before the bad weather hits!

Talei said...

Oh - great quiz! And I'm loving the front runners! Go Michael!

fallen monkey said...

Aw, I wish I could have been at your event! Just love the whole concept of the wine pairings. I'll be happy to drink the Three Daves with you, though, next week! Woo hoo!!!