Answers to 80s TV Shows Trivia

I don't know about you (although I have my suspicions) but I'm exhausted after AtoZ.  And I didn't even make it through a tenth of the entrants!  But I sure did have fun at those blogs I did frequent. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and made me laugh and smile with your comments about crazy 80s TV Shows.

Double thanks to those of you who played along with 80s TV trivia madness.  I've got something for you:

1. The answers to the first 10 trivia questions (scroll over the black bar to reveal the answer).

2. An award!  I've listed anyone who answered the question correctly---if you see your name listed, please help yourself to the award to the left.

Stay tuned, because I'll reveal the rest of the answers over two more posts---one later this week and the final one next Monday---and I just may have a special prize for the blogger with the most correct answers. free smiley emoticon  (To be fair, I'll only count answers entered during April for the prize)  

Q: ALF is actually an acronym.  Know what it stands for?
A:  Alien Life Form 
Who got it right?  L. Diane Wolfe;

Bosom Buddies
Q:  The series was short-lived (and rightly so) but when Tom Hanks started attracting attention for his role in a popular 1984 movie, ABC bought the rights to Bosom Buddies and re-aired select episodes.  Know what that movie was?
A:  Splash
Who got it right? Liz P; Michael Di Gesu; Anne Gallagher

Q: One of the original regulars wasn't even in the script until the actor (after auditioning for and not getting the part of Norm) created an impromptu character on the spot and impressed the producers. Everybody at Cheers knew his name...do you?
A:  John Ratzenberger as Cliff Clavin
Who got it right?  Alex J. Cavanaugh; Jennifer Lane; Michael Di Gesu; Hart Johnson; Marie Rearden; Anne Gallagher 

Q: One of the main cast members regularly vetoed any story lines involving adultery.  Whoever could that have been?
A: John Forsythe
Big surprise, huh?  Nobody got this one.

Q: A regular cast member of the later ER was also a regular on all 22 episodes of this E/R.  Do you know who?
A: George Clooney
Who got it right?  Suzanne

Family Ties
Q: Who's picture was on lil' Alex's lunchbox.
A: Richard Nixon
Who got it right?  baygirl32

Golden Girls
Q: Two of the actresses were originally supposed to play different roles, but they worried about being typecast so they traded.  Which of these two do you think it was: Sophia, Blanche, Rose, Dorothy?
A: Rose and Blanche
Who got it right?  Liz P; Michael Di Gesu ;Susan Oloier

Hill Street Blues
The show is set in an anonymous city, but do you know which real city it's based on?
A: Chicago
Who got it right? Elliot GraceMichael Di Gesu ; Milo James Fowler



Anne Gallagher said...

Wow, John Forsythe. Who knew. Well, obviously you did.

I thought for sure I answered some of these but I guess I didn't play in the beginning. Drat.

This was a really fun fun thing to do and I'm so glad you did. It was interesting to see the old shows again. And fire up the old brain cells to see if I remembered anything.

You should do this for a living. Too bad you weren't a game show.

Suze said...

Fun! I would have gotten the 'A,' 'C' and 'H' questions correct had I discovered your blog, earlier. The 'Family Ties' answer made me laugh out loud and I heart the movie 'Splash.' Interesting about 'The Golden Girls.'

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I got one! Really, I did watch a lot of TV in the 80's.

Michael Di Gesu said...

What fun, Nicki.....

I got a few right... Yay! I really enjoyed your month of 80's shows...

Tara Tyler said...

yay! it was fun but im glad its over too!

Liz P said...

I'm exhausted too, but it was fun! I really enjoyed your theme! Great job :)

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

I'm impressed by anyone that attempted the AtoZ, much less completed it (much, much less that actual hopped around!!). Wowza.

p.s. I like your scroll over technology. Cool. :)

Milo James Fowler said...

Woohoo! I win? I win? (Mr. Bean)

Theresa Milstein said...

Cool to see the right answers. You had a fun spin on the A to Z challenge. I'm glad it's over. Too much pressure to visit blogs daily. And not many were as entertaining as yours.

Visit my blog because Elana Johnson answered your question!

Liz Fichera said...

Great idea for highlighting TV Shows for the Challenge. It was so fun to visit your blog (and still is, obviously) :-)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I got Alf! Used to watch that show all the time. Even had a stuffed Alf.

Arlee Bird said...

Nicki, thank you so much for your wonderful contributions to the A to Z Challenge from the press releases to your Challenge posts. It was a great theme, but as I believe I'd mentioned before, I never watched much TV back in the 80's so, alas, I wasn't much good with the trivia knowledge. It was great fun and wonderful meeting you in this event.

Don't forget to pick up your Winner's Badge at my site.
Tossing It Out

Back to the 80s said...

When do you post another quiz.