Um, what am I supposed to do with all these postcards?

So, I'm sitting on a stack of really nice looking (if I do say so myself) postcards about my book, and lots of ideas on what to do with them, but before I start spinning my wheels, I'd love to hear from anyone who's had success with "postcard marketing"---what's worked for you?

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Liz Fichera said...

Nicki, I gave out postcards at my book release party. My book is a digital only book, but it worked really well.

Suzie said...

Oh my. The 80's. *sigh* Yeah, I remember those days. :D The hair, the socks with heels (like on your postcards)... wow.

At the time I just thought that style was everything. I wanted Cindi Lauper's hairstyle so bad, but my mother refused to allow me to get a "waffle iron" haircut (as she put it). Never mind the multi-color.

How awesome to write a book in that era. Talk about memory lane. :D

Nicki Elson said...

Thanks Liz!

Yeah the postcards do seem especially great for people who'll be buying the digital books. Something tangible with all the pertinent info.

Nicki Elson said...

Hi Suzie! Haha, yep, the 80s seems to be an era that sticks well to the brain cells. It was a ridiculous amount of fun plunging back into them while writing my book.

And hey, never too late to try out that Cindi Lauper...hehehe