Honors and Hoppers

I don't deserve these...but I'm going to keep them:

This summer I received two awards for my blog: The Versatile Blogger award from the wonderful Jennifer Delucy, and The Spotlight Award from the fabulous Fallen Monkey.  Both bloggers are brilliant writiers with fun, interesting, and active blogs that are the stuff of which I strive for, so I am touched that they took pity on me and gave me a nod with these awards.  I shall try to do you both proud.

To fulfill the requirement for accepting them, I will share seven random facts about myself.

#1 - I have been very blessed in this life and am always being given things I don't deserve.

#2 - I have been battling three tenacious warts on my leg all summer.  After a month of besiegment-by-duct-tape and relentless Compound W attacks, they appear to be severely weakened and their days are surely numbered...please?

#3 - I am a sucker for mochas.  I can't go into a coffeehouse without ordering one.  Meeting friends for coffee during Lent was hell.

#4 - I'm still waiting for Jeff Probst to call me after I sent in that Survivor audition tape about seven years ago.

#5 - I love this song:

#6 - I watch this when I want to cry (yes, sometimes I want to cry):
Four Weddings and a Funeral - "Funeral Blues"

#7 - I drink wine from a box (Black Box). There, I said it.

Now, to pass on these awards...I hereby bestow upon each member of this week's Meet an Author Monday blog hop either the Versatile Blogger Award or The Spotlight Award, recipient's choice. 

We have a great group of people here and each week their posts do much to inspire me to become a better blogger.

To meet them yourself, simply click on one of the blogs below.  Look for our icon at each blog to keep on hopping.  If you are a published author, please join the hop by entering your information in Linky tool below, then copy the blog hop code and icon into a post---and don't forget to collect your award from me!


KarenG said...

Congrats on the awards! I love the blog hop. I've come across some fun author blogs this way, including yours!

Laura Kaye said...

I was always tempted to apply to Survivor, but knew I'd get kicked off as soon as they had the "eat the gross insect / foreign inedible object" challenge!

Nicki Elson said...

Good news Laura - they hardly ever do the gross eating challenges anymore. So...are you in?