#Survivor FINAL 7 Playlist & Predictions #SurvivorSecondChance: Cambodia

It's happened. My obsession with the 31st season of CBS's Survivor (Survivor Second Chance: Cambodia) has spilled into a playlist. This has to be my all-time favorite collection of final seven players. Below is my tribute to them---with a theme song for each player at this point in the game, plus a bonus for all those who've been voted out.   

(File this post under: What Happens When Nicki Cleans Her House. My imagination has too much time to play and usually ends up stuck somewhere completely unproductive...is how I became a writer in the first place.)

The order of songs isn't random, I've ranked the players by who I think has the best chance of making it to final tribal AND winning the whole shebang. I explan my choices below. Even if you don't watch Survivor, I hope you enjoy the playlist

#1 Spencer - "Levitate I've admittedly been in the young lad's corner since before he set foot on the beach, but he's playing a smart, independent game and has had to overcome many obstacles. The jury's gotta respect that. From my comfy sofa at home, he looks to be a big threat, but I'm not sure his fellow players see it the same way from their vantage point, so I think his chances are good of making it to final tribal. 

I know this song is about drugs, but it's got some great lyrics that reflect Spencer's gameplay: "F*** you, I'm by myself."  Survivor's Charlie Brown has learned the hard way how to play this game by himself. "Just when you think that true love's begun, It goes off at any second just like a loaded gun" 'Cuz he doesn't let friendship determine his vote. "Wondering how to fix these damages" His independent play calls for fancy footwork with the people he wants to keep trusting him. 

#2 Kelley - "Trouble is a Friend Girl's got game - and a hidden immunity idol! Every week I've thought the others were fools to keep her around as long as they have, but like with Spencer, she's playing a great manipulation game, and I think she's keeping her savvy masked better than he is.

In this song, Kelley is the trouble: "(S)he waits in the wings, (s)he's gotta play a part"  and I think the cute, spunky beat fits her personality.

#3 Jeremy - "The Gauntlet"  If the man makes it to final tribal, he's gonna win hands down, no matter who he's up against. The jury loves him. And what's not to love? The trouble is, everyone around him knows he'll win, so I can't see him making it all the way to final tribal. 'Course, he's also got a super secret hidden idol...

The determination reflected in this song is what makes me think of Jeremy's gameplay. And the chorus is so him: "Stand up and fight, and I'll stand up with you," especially when he played that idol on Stephen. When he's your friend, he's your friend to the end.

#4 Tasha - "Paper Planes"  The lyric I like most for her at this point in the game is "If you catch me at the border, I got visas in my name" because she's got options. I think she legitly wants to stick with Jeremy and Spencer, but she can always change her mind if something doesn't feel right and jump on with the all-girl alliance - doing so is the only way I can see her taking home the win.

She was a "bonafide hustler" makin' her name when she saved herself and Savage at Angkor by courting Abi. That alone ought to win her jury points.

#5 Keith - "Beat the Devil's Tattoo"  The emotionless tone of this song amid the unfavorable conditions it depicts feels very Keith to me. He doesn't let the elements or lack of food bother him, and he'll stick to the plan with zero weight given to his personal feelings. Yet I think it's his warm personality that'll win him votes over the two players below.

"You're body's aching. Every bone is breaking. Nothing seems to shake it. It just keeps holding on" is a testament to Keith's physical fortitude. He even stood strong in a situation where Joey Amazing went down. Come on! That should also win him some votes.

#6 Kimmi - "Misery Loves Company"  She's laid low through a lot of the season, but she came alive last episode. These lyrics seem to reflect her current attitude toward the Jeremy/Spencer alliance: "Do I need you? Yes and no" and "You're so easy to read, but the book is boring me."  And let's not forget her "I'm not for you; you're not for me. I'll kill you first; you wait and see" attitude toward Monica earlier on. If she can be that Kimmi through the next few votes, maybe the jury won't see her as the goat I'm afraid they've pegged her as.

Judging by some of her confessionals, "Hell is others" seems to be how Kimmi generally feels about coexisting with her tribemates, which I'm guessing doesn't help her chances of scoring votes at the final tribal.  

#7 Abi-Maria - "Psycho"  I mean psycho in the very best of ways. I admire passion, and she's full of it. She's definitely kept her opponents on their toes.

Her chances of making it into the final tribal council are excellent. Her chances of winning? Next to zero. She's too caustic to have made friends outside of a few, and the jury will likely see her as a goat, being led to the end as a weak opponent. I don't think that assessment's fair. She exercised an inordinate amount of power during many of the early votes, and she's 100% looked out for her own interests throughout the game - isn't that what Survivor's all about?

For everyone who's already been voted out - "Where's the Girl"  A song of betrayal and letting go. 


Neurotic Workaholic said...

Thanks for the song recommendations; I was looking for new stuff to download on iTunes. I've never watched Survivor, and I don't think I could ever be on that show either. I'd probably be like, "No Starbucks? I want to go home!"

Arlee Bird said...

I watched Survivor a few times the first couple of seasons, but since I've been trying to limit my TV watching this show doesn't make its way into my schedule. But a playlist can typically interest me. I've bought soundtracks of films I've never seen just because the music selection was good.

Arlee Bird
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Kittie Howard said...

I was sooooo addicted to Survivor, oh, WOW, and still watch it now and then, a bit fearful I'll fall back into its fun clutches. Thanks for the playlist. I'm into all of that now, never thought I would be so surprised myself. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Nicki, to you and yours. May 2016 be the best ever.

M Pax said...

Survivor was so awesome. It remains my favorite show.

Thanks for the blitz, and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Theresa Milstein said...

Paper Planes is a cool song. I'll check the others. Happy New Year!

Unknown said...
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