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Pet Sematary

I'm not sure this is post-worthy material, but many of you so sweetly commented on the cuteness of my bunny last month, and on the prettiness of my new garden in September, so it seems only right to report that the two have been combined. :(

On the 28th of October in the year 2011, dear, sweet bunny succumbed to oldness and died in my husband's arms on the way home from the pet clinic...just as I was explaining that the vet probably didn't know what he was talking about and we'd have many more happy months with our darling Oreo.  I knew it wasn't true, but I thought he'd at least survive long enough for the kids to come home from school and say good bye.

The burial was complete with holy water and a St. Francis medal, and on Saturday we went to the statuary to pick out this statue---it reminded us of the way he used to kick out his little back legs when he was at maximum relaxation.

He does have a tiny bit to do with writing.  You see, when I first started writing, I didn't tell any humans. Bunny became my confidant.  He even got a role in the story.  But whatever loss I feel, I know my kids feel it ten times worse, because they went to him with all those growing up things that you just can't relay to another person the way you can to a little friend who'll simply listen, and not try to solve your problems for you, and not judge or worry. 

I wonder how long it'll be before I stop setting Romaine aside for him whenever I make a salad, and peeking in to see what he's up to every single damn time I turn the corner by his room. *sigh* C'est la mort.

And now it's probably a good idea to skip off to a less morose blog.  

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  1. Awwwwww....sorry about Oreo! That is a beautiful resting place though. :)

  2. Oh, honey! He looks like an Oreo. I am soo happy you posted this in memoriam. Not to sound morose but I really enjoyed this.

    I lift my mug to Oreo. I'll think of him every time I eat Romaine.

  3. I'm sorry you will miss him! That's a nice statue for Bunny.

  4. what a sweet remembrance post! that was a good lookin bunny!
    pets are the best listeners, for sure =)

  5. I'm sorry for your loss. The very first story I sold for actual money was about our cat. Pets are wonderful writing partners.


  6. I'm so sorry to hear about Oero. This is a beautiful post to remember him by.

  7. What a sweet tribute ("The Office" music and all) for dear Oreo. I'm glad you and your husband were with him when he died. I'm sure he knew he was loved.

  8. My condolences, Nicki. I know the pain you and your family are going through all too well. Oreo was truly loved and he has taken that with him to the other side.

  9. Aw, I love that you went and got a bunny statue to remember Oreo.

  10. Oh, you had a little Dutch bunny! I'm so she's no longer with you. Growing up, I had a brown Dutch bunny. His official name was Sir Acorn, but we just called him Nut. He had one brown eye and one blue - wasn't destined to be a show rabbit!

  11. A lovely sanctuary. The video could have been my cat; except she's not black :)

    You still have a lovely place to talk with your "confidante".


  12. So sorry to hear that. He looks JUST like our bunny, Patch. She comes running every time I enter the room because she knows I'm the one who usually brings forth the green num nums.

  13. I'm so sorry about Bunny. But he's in a lovely resting place and his marker is wonderful.

  14. You wrote a nice piece on you pet. My daughter and her spouse have ten cats, a few quite old. She will be a basket case when they go.
    Good luck with you book, I mentioned it to two young ladies when I was at B&N last week.

  15. Oh, poor Oreo. *sniffs* He meant a lot to you and your family.


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