Whisper of Light - Sneak Peek!

Just in time for Halloween, tomorrow is the release of paranormal romance, Whisper of Light, second in The Light Series by Jennifer DeLucy.  One of the best perks of being a Developmental Editor is that I get to read great stories like this before they are released.

Here's a peek at the back cover blurb (it's all true):

Jennifer DeLucy again plunges us into the world of lingering spirits, dark apparitions, and malicious vampires. But this time she takes us to the California coast where we get to know a new ensemble of gifted souls that are just as vibrant and endearing as the Sentients we came to love in Seers of Light.  In Whisper of Light, DeLucy delivers exciting supernatural encounters as well as very human interactions that will both break your heart and make it soar.   

Jennifer graciously indulged me by answering questions about some of my favorite aspects of the book:

1. While staying consistent with the themes set forth in Seers of Light, you did a fantastic job of giving Whisper of Light its own distinct flavor. One of the first tastes is the setting—you take us from out east all the way to the California coast. Was it difficult for you to adjust to this new and very different setting? What kinds of things did you do to help yourself make the mental switch?

More easily than you'd think. For one, I've always wanted to live by the ocean, and this book was as close to doing so as I've gotten so far! I looked at photographic and video gems, read government tourism info and climate guides, and did a lot of fact research on the area as I went along so that I could get a real feel for the redwood coast. It's always such an amazing, magical thing to get to experience a new place, and writing a book is one way to kind of do that. In fact, I'm moving to Washington state soon, and one of the things I most look forward to is taking a trip south to see the redwoods with my own eyes. I'm sure I'll be blown away.

2. In Whisper of Light we meet a whole new houseful of Sentients who are every bit as unique and engaging as the group we met in Seers. I enjoyed them all (but Gilford Boyd is the one who ran away with my heart), and I’m wondering—which member of the Pacific Northwest Sentients was the most fun for you to write?

You know--I did love Gil, the little nerd. He was definitely fun to write. But when I really think about this question, the answer is Nicole--which may seem odd, since she's got a really angst filled story line, but the way she handles it, her inner dialogue, her self-deprecation just makes me laugh. She doesn't take her emo life so seriously that she can't make fun of herself, which I enjoyed writing.

3. Music plays a huge part in this story, and the scenes where Nicole is swept away in her piano playing were some of the most powerful I’ve ever read—not just in your stories, but anywhere. You are a lifelong musician and lover of music as well as a gifted writer, so what was it like to combine your passions and translate music into words?

It was like a sigh of relief! I got to really put some of myself into this character in that way, and it was a very emotional thing for me--and something that felt natural. People don't realize how vital music is to not only enjoying life but inspiring life, inspiring change and goodness, and it's second nature for me to express that on paper. In fact, it was easier to write about that than anything else.

4. So, after the story is written, polished, submitted, and accepted by the publisher, what is your favorite part of the publication process and why?

Oh, there are so many aspects that I enjoy. Heck, I really love the whole process, from working with a designer on the cover to editing the manuscript... especially editing the manuscript, because I am always so moved by the way that a devoted editor can take your story and make you rise to a new level with it. I don't imagine any book would be as finally good or complete without the insight of their editor. That process touches me.

5. And now I think you probably know what I’m going to ask: you once again wrote your own magnificent composition for the book trailer; however, supposing you weren’t such a superior mortal and had to select one song of someone else’s invention that captures the essence of Whisper of Light, what would it be?

First of all, I love you. Secondly, I'd choose Sara Bareilles - The Light.


Love ya too, Jen. ;)

Whisper of Light can be purchased at  
Omnific Publishing and Amazon Kindle 
starting tomorrow, October 26, 2010

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Jennifer Lane said...

What a lovely interview! There's a lot more depth when the developmental editor is speaking to the author. :) Can't wait to read Whisper of Light, Jen.

Kittie Howard said...

Thanks to both of you for a lovely interview. It's not easy to transition coasts, but it seems like Jennifer made a wise decision, researched thoroughly and put her magic to work.

Joanna St. James said...

This is a really nice interview and the blurb makes me want to read more.

Lisa said...

Great interview! Can't wait to read the next installment!!!!

Taryn Kincaid said...

Terrific interview. I agree with Jennifer, more layers when the interviewer knows her subject!

Nicki Elson said...

Hey ladies, I'm so happy that you enjoyed the interview! And yahoo that the blurb did the trick, Joanna - guess who wrote it. ;)

It really is a fabulous story.

Jen said...

You DO know your subject, Ms. Nicki. And I love you dearly for it! It helps to have an editor who understands your book! Love to you guys for reading and commenting!