80s College Life Hits the Small Screen!

Hmm, let's see...1980s...college life...Midwest...why does the premise for this new TBS show to begin airing November 16 sound so familiar?   Could it be because it's the exact same premise for my novel?  Well okay, maybe not exactly exact:  Glory Daze is set in Wisconsin while Three Daves is in Illinois (HUGE difference), and the TV show is about a group of fraternity guys whereas the novel centers on one girl's dating plight. But even still, quite the exciting coincidence, no?

Yet more evidence that the world craves its 80s!  

But as thrilled as I am about the impending blast from the past, I'm not getting my hopes up too high.  Mostly because of these promo photos of the Glory Daze cast:

Um, what's wrong with these pictures?  

Don't worry, I'll tell you:

#1 Where are the mullets?

#2 Why is that Polo collar not up?

#3 Why does the blonde's hair not extend 
to beyond the top of the photo frame???

These are small things I know, but come on---there was nothing small about hair and shirt collars in the 80s, so to me, those seem like rather large details to miss.  Ah well, I'll still be tuning into TBS on November 16 to give Glory Daze a shot.  Who's gonna join me?


Susan Kaye Quinn said...

I'm glad TV has recognized the brilliance of Three Daves, but they need to study it more to get the details right!! LOL :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yeah, if they're going to do the 80's, they need to get the hair right.
And don't forget the hair-band look!

Nicki Elson said...

Haha - that's right, Susan, they're half way there!

Hmm, I'm betting you had a big ol' head o' hair in teh 80s, Alex - am I right?

Thanks for stopping by, guys. :)

David J. West said...

If I had TBS I would check it out, just on the 80's priniciple.

fallen monkey said...

I'll be pissed if they have such a good premise to work with and blow it (*ahem* Hot Tub Time Machine *cough*)through such critical oversights---because they ARE critical!! I hate when people don't thoroughly exploit all that prime comic relief the 80s had to offer.

Nicki Elson said...

David - glad to know the 80s would reel you in. What do you mean "If I had TBS" - doesn't everybody have TBS?

Monkey - Let's hope they don't blow it this time, let's hope they don't.

Talli Roland said...

Guess they had to tone it down a bit to make it palatable! I love the 80s, so it is a bit disappointing...

Theresa Milstein said...

If they're not going to get all the sight gags of the 80s, then why bother? "That 70s Show" was pretty authentic looking.

I tried to write a screenplay about high school in the 1980s based on my experience. Part of the way through, I realized I had no idea how to write a screenplay.

Nicki Elson said...

Haha, that's right Talli - too much 80s all at once could scare some people off.

Theresa - I was JUST watching That 70s Show and thinking what a great job they did with all the details. Hey, put your story in novel form and we can start our own genre - 80s Lit!

Liz Fichera said...

I'll definitely be tuning in but they really did get the pics all wrong. They're dressed too Hannah Montanaish. Yuck! Bring on the big hair!!

Nicki Elson said...

Yeah, boo Hannah Montana! Glad to hear you'll be tuning in though. I do hope it's good.