An Award-Winning... It's NOT What You Think! #IWSG May 2019

Happy May! I hope all of your Aprils were good. It snowed twice during April in my neck of the woods. TWICE. But still, it was a pretty good month. Writing took a bit of a backseat as I prepared to have the family over for Easter brunch. 

I did get to write some fun clues for the marathon Easter egg hunt, though. Here are the hunters nearing the mother lode of eggs: 

And my kids and I had a super fun time getting the Brookfield Zoo practically all to ourselves on the latest snowy day. We made good friends with this little fella below. Click on the image if you want to see him going nuts chasing my daughter's mold-o-rama.

 Also, I wrote a big fat newsletter for the boutique department store where I work. That always does a pretty good number on sapping my creative writing energy - but I like to think it's primed me for getting back to it. I mean, I do have to be pretty creative at fitting all the requests of eight different buyers and managers into the limited space they're each allotted.

Which brings me to the point of this month's post. So, you know how you can edit and edit and then edit again and still have errors in your manuscript? Pretty embarrassing, right? Well, it happens to all of us, and next time you want to beat yourself up for it, just bear in mind this snippet from the Autumn 2018 newsletter that I wrote and edited. The error wasn't caught until after it had been dropped at the post office to go out to over 40K readers...   

Surely, whatever typos you have cannot be as bad as THAT one. Like, seriously, of all the sentences that could've been cut off, it had to be that one? Award winning, folks. Award winning.

I'll have you know that the rest of the sentence was there when it was handed off to the printer (virgin bloody mary mix, btw) but something shifted during formatting and I failed to catch it when I signed off on the proof. It's taken me pretty much until now to be able to laugh about it. Luckily, my boss laughed right away. *phew*

Wishing you good writing and hilarious typos - that you catch before your work goes public!

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Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

How fun does that egg hunt look! And the zoo!

Typos? Oh, yeah. Ouch!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

LOL! Well, if there was going to be a typo, make it a good one.

I loved visiting the Little Rock zoo when we lived there. January was free admission but because it was so cold, no one was ever there. Perfect time to go.

Natalie Aguirre said...

Oh yes, we can never see all our mistakes. That's why we need an editor. I have one at my contract writing job who catches those mistakes. But even then, I'm sure there are some. Glad you can laugh about it.

Jennifer Lane said...

Those award-winning virgins are the promised land!

Aw, that video was so cute.

Hope you had a great Easter! Now get back to writing, young lady!

Mandy said...

Oh wow. That typo hurts. Sorry you didn't figure it out sooner.

With Love,

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I wonder how many showed up just for the award-winning virgin?

Juneta key said...

And egg hunt and the zoo, what fun. Enjoy the pictures. Happy IWSG Day. https://www.junetakey.com/iwsg-may-1st/

Sarah Foster said...

LOL! I think you just have to laugh about a typo like that.

Unknown said...

I'm an English teacher and my kids love to call me out on my typos! Doesn't matter how many times I read it there's at least one which is why I always tell my kids to have someone peer edit their writing. Too bad I don't have someone to peer edit mine! lol.

F. Stone said...

Love your post. We're still having snow storms here in Alberta. We wake up to inches of snow, but by evening, it has melted. Then again the next day. It's torture having to put off buying my annual flowers. I'm hoping I get to read another Nicki Elson novel soon. Blessings

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