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Today and tomorrow, June 18 & 19, Stephen Tremp's
is absolutely FREE to download from Amazon.com. 

A scientific breakthrough of such magnitude it could radically alter the future of humanity—for better or worse—is in the wrong hands

The Information Age is moving at breakneck speed. Breakthroughs in areas of science that were once fodder for science fiction are now becoming part of our everyday life.

A group of graduate students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology has stolen a breakthrough in opening and stabilizing Einstein-Rosen Bridges, commonly known as wormholes, that allows them to instantly transport people from one location to another. Their goal is to assassinate any powerful politician and executive controlling the world’s banking system that would use this technology for their own greedy gain rather than the advancement of mankind.

Intriguing, huh?  Read a full summary plus a whole bunch of glowing reviews here.  Visit posts about Breakthrough throughout blogland on the list here.  And download at Amazon for free (18th & 19th only) HERE.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Posted about his book this morning!

DL Hammons said...

If you don't have it already, snatch it up! What a deal! :)

Dr Zibbs said...

Oooh thanks for the notice.

Suze said...

It's been cool seeing Stephen's book on several blogs -- great of you to host!

Trisha said...

I got a copy of his book to read. Yay!! Probably won't get to it for ages though...