Maintaining Faith

Today I'd like to introduce Lisa Sachez, a great girl whom I've met through my adventures in publishing.  She was one of the very first people to read & review Three Daves and I've been  lucky to include her in my pool of supportive author friends ever since.  She's been quite busy these last couple of years and has just released her 5th novel, Faythe Reclaimed.  I find the premise of this book quite intriguing and so I invited her by to discuss it a bit more. Take it away, Lisa...

Oh, wait, one more thing - today's the last day to match the man w/ the manuscript in Bookish Temptations Men of Omnific giveawayNow take it away, Lisa...

First off, I’d like to say how thankful I am to be here chatting with all of you today. Woot!
When Nicki asked me to talk about the title for Hanaford Park #3 and it’s double meaning, I’ll admit, I was a little giddy. Faythe Reclaimed is a definite play on words, and speaks not only to the plot, but also to the journey one of the main characters embarks on.

Persecuted and brutally beaten by self-righteous haters, as well as those he held close to his heart, Gabriel Castillo has lost faith in both humanity, and himself. Having moved from Spain to the New World in search of a quiet, peaceful life, his world is rocked upside down when the residents of his new hometown––Salem Village––treat him with the same hatred and oppression as those before. This torment, coupled with the loss of the only woman he’s ever truly loved––Faythe Ellwood––takes the reader on his journey toward redemption.

I have to say: I embarked on my own journey of faith while writing this story. I had a vision for Taylor and Gabriel’s tale early on in the series, and knew my desire to throw time travel into the mix would provide a challenge. And what a challenge it turned out to be. Faythe Reclaimed took the longest out of the three Hanaford Park books to write. Not because I didn’t know where the story was going, or I was blocked, but simply because I wanted to get it “right.” A lot of research went into the story. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent staring at a map of 1692 Salem Village. Some days I wondered if I’d bitten off too much with juggling three points of view, two of which are the same character––one from the past, one from the present. Despite my frustrations, I stayed strong and had faith the story would come together as I’d envisioned, and after a lot of hard work, I think it did. I hope you all enjoy 


Running through a strange forest with a bloodthirsty demon hot on her heels wasn’t Taylor’s idea of a rockin’ evening. Then again, neither was soaring backward through time and space. Time travel chafed and left a rank, nasty aftertaste. So, when she finds herself floundering amidst a sea of Commandment-loving holy rollers who fling accusations of witchcraft and bedevilment like hotcakes in a diner, finding her way home jumps to the top of her to do list. Too bad she can’t remember who she is or where she came from. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Taylor realizes she’s fallen for Gabriel, the mysterious Latin warlock who came to her rescue.

Battling an identity crisis and lost in a time that’s not her own, Taylor is determined to find her way back to twenty-first century Hanaford Park. But first, she and Gabriel must work together to uncover the dark scourge lurking in the shadows of Salem Village, and in doing so, save their lives, and the lives of countless innocents from a lethal date with the hangman’s noose.

Available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble Tulipe Noire Press

About the author:

Lisa Sanchez is a California cheer mom taxiing her way through life, one car ride at a time. Along with chauffer, she sports several job titles, including, but not limited to: author, chef, seamstress, videographer, nurse, enforcer, and general slave to her three daughters.

The first two books in her Hanaford Park series (Eve Of Samhain, Pleasures Untold) are published with Omnific Publishing. The third book, Faythe Reclaimed, releases with Tulipe Noire Press on May 17th 2012. Her erotic suspense, Obsessed was published March 29th 2011 with Loose Id. Lisa also took the plunge into self-publishing this year and released the first novella, Cursing Athena, in her new Order Of Seven erotic paranormal romance series.

Blog: www.lisasanchezromanceauthor.com
Twitter: @LisaSanchez3
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LisaSanchezRomanceAuthor
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4028407.Lisa_Sanchez


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I understand the pressure of wanting to get that third book right. Good luck, Lisa!

Tony Van Helsing said...

Seems to be a lot of time travelling going on in the Young Adult market.

Tara Tyler said...

cool book! and another omnific!

Jennifer Lane said...

I think the extra research will make the story come alive off the pages! Congratulations, Lisa.

Heather M. Gardner said...

Sounds very interesting.
I'll have to check it out.