A Cozy Neighborhood Bookstore On-line -- That's Celery Tree!

If you know Karen G, then you know Celery Tree. But just in case you haven't had the pleasure, let me introduce you to this exciting new website for writers and readers.  It's set to launch very, very soon.  The brains behind the concept can explain it better than me, so I've put together excerpts from the Celery Tree blog (along with links to the full posts) to help me out:

The book world needs a vehicle to help overlooked but talented authors get discovered. The real judge of a book's worth should be made by the readers, not by the marketing dollars behind it. But how can readers find those books that don't have the big bucks behind them?

That's where celerytree.com comes in. It's like a cozy neighborhood bookstore where you can feel comfortable browsing for hours and discover some hidden gems of your own.
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Authors helping authors, in an environment of books, blogs and reader reviews--similar to Goodreads but without the annoying side ads. The only ads on celerytree.com will consist of our members' book covers posted in strategic locations. Read full post.

Cozy neighborhood bookstore was all I had to hear---I'm in!  Celery Tree is still accepting authors and would love to have you join before launch, so if you have a book to sell, here's information on how it works for authors.


Jen Daiker said...

I am so happy to have found Celery Tree this week. Though I'm not a published author yet I do think it's amazing to see that someone is taking action and allowing smaller publishing houses the opportunity to showcase their book in another location. I love the thought of a cozy little bookstore on line. Easy to navigate, friendly to where you want to stay awhile.

Grabbing my cup of cocoa and heading over now!

Anonymous said...

I think Celery Tree sounds like a lovely idea. Thanks for alerting us to its presence.

By the way, I have something for you over at my blog.

KarenG said...

Nicki, I love how you showcased Celery Tree in this post! Thank you for being so awesome and supportive! Although the fact that you quoted from our posts makes me somewhat nervous hehe.

Jennifer Lane said...

Carrot's looking forward to the launch of Celery Tree!

Congratulations--you won the Stylish Blogger Award! Stop by http://jenniferlanebooks.blogspot.com for details.

gideon 86 said...

What a great concept....

Don't yell, I'm taking a small break... lol

I wish I had my first novel more put together. When I finish my current WIP I plan to go back and do the final alterations on it.

This sounds like a fantastic vehicle for self published authors. Great discovery Nicki. Thanks for telling all of us.


fallen monkey said...

Love it! The Monkey climbs all sorts of trees, so a Celery Tree would be no exception ;).

Also, quick question: do I qualify for the 31 Jan author blog hop if I'm "sheh-juled" for publication this year for my short story? Would love to join in if so.

Joanna St. James said...

even tho am not pubbed yet i am just as excited about celery tree.